Google Samsung Fold.

Google’s first foldable phone, the Pixel Fold, seamlessly merges the convenience of the Pixel with an unfolding design that transforms it into a compact tablet. As a mobile phone retailer offering the Pixel Fold, it is crucial to implement robust security measures to safeguard these valuable devices against potential theft. Lacking adequate protection, this phone becomes an alluring and vulnerable target for thieves.

Google Pixel Fold Retail Security Display Solutions

Securing the Google Pixel Fold demands specialized anti-theft solutions tailored to its unique design. RTF Global offers a range of security solutions suitable for various mobile phone devices, including the Google Pixel Fold. Select the anti-theft solution that aligns with your specific display and security requirements effortlessly.

Vise 5TM

Available in black or white, the Vise 5 stands out as a highly versatile and top-tier anti-theft solution for mobile retail stores. Its configurable nature enables it to effectively secure a wide range of mobile devices, even the most unique ones like the Pixel Fold. With its slim and attractive design, available in both white and black options, the Vise 5 effortlessly integrates into your retail display, allowing you to secure your inventory without sacrificing the customer experience.

Key Features of the Vise 5:

  • Adjustable arms for accommodating various device sizes.
  • Equipped with an on-board alarm system for enhanced security.
  • Offers high angle mounts and a low-profile design for optimal display positioning.
  • Easily attaches to high-security cable recoilers.
  • Mechanically locks any size smartphone securely in place.

Secure Your Google Pixel Fold Inventory with RTF Global

RTF Global’s range of products presents optimal mobile anti-theft solutions tailored for retailers carrying the Google Pixel Fold. Protecting your retail operation from losses and ensuring a healthy profit margin is crucial, especially when dealing with high-value inventory. With the constant advances in mobile technology and the emergence of innovative and unique devices like the Google Pixel Fold, you can rely on RTF Global to provide the necessary protection for your latest inventory. Get in touch with our team today for a free quote or to learn more about our retail security solutions.


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