Securing Google Pixel 7 Phones in Your Mobile Store

If you are planning to add the latest mobile phones to your store inventory, the Google Pixel 7 is bound to be included. This latest Pixel model is one of Google’s most popular mobile devices and is a high-ticket item for mobile retailers. Theft prevention is undeniably necessary for retailers who plan to carry and display the Google Pixel 7.

While the Google Pixel 7 is a prime target when it comes to retail theft, prospective customers also want to view and interact with the device before making a purchasing decision. Unfortunately, simply leaving mobile phones out and accessible is a sure way to face issues with shoplifting that can affect your profit margins. The solution is to invest in Google Pixel 7 theft prevention devices that allow for store display while also keeping the device secure.

Google Pixel 7 Retail Display Solutions

Securing the Google Pixel 7 requires anti-theft solutions built for the task. RTF Global has a collection of security solutions to accommodate different mobile phone devices, including the Google Pixel 7. Simply choose the anti-theft solution that works for your existing display and security needs.

HD Flip anti-theft device for mobile retailers

Vise HD FlipTM

The Vise HD Flip is our newest anti-theft device for mobile phones. It has a 180-degree flipping action, which allows customers to view all of the latest features on the Google Pixel 7 while also keeping it protected.

Features of the Vise HD Flip

  • Easy installation
  • Requires a security key to remove
  • 180-degree flipping
  • Auto-return to resting position
  • Solid steel Vise locks
  • Adjustable arms
Vise HD by RTF Global securing a Google Pixel 7


Built for mobile device security, the Vise HD features high-security locking arms to hold mobile devices in place. Low-profile in its design, the Vise HD gives the perfect combination of security and seamless integration with existing displays.

Features of the Vise HD

  • Available in two colors: black and white
  • Choose from a low-profile mount or high-angle mount
  • Wide, 80-millimeter arms
  • Built-in charging function
  • Accessible only by a proprietary key
Vise 5 by RTF Global securing a Google Pixel phone

Vise 5TM

Created with mobile device security in mind, the Vise 5 is a versatile retail display unit with multiple configuration options. With a low-profile design and high-angle mounts, the display works perfectly to display the Google Pixel 7 for customer interaction.

Features of the Vise 5

  • Available in two colors: black and white
  • Can be ordered with an on-board alarm system
  • Attached to an aircraft-grade cable recoiler
  • Adjustable arms for a secure fit
  • High-angle mount for easy visibility or a low-profile design

Global Prevent Google Pixel 7 Theft with RTF Global

At RTF Global, we carry top-of-the-line anti-theft solutions for mobile devices like the Google Pixel 7. Expensive inventory must be adequately protected to protect your store’s profit margins and deter retail theft. With the mobile phone market ever-evolving, you can count on us to help you navigate the complexities of in-store anti-theft solutions. Be sure to take a look at the full collection of mobile anti-theft devices available from RTF Global.


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