Power tools being secured to a retail display with recoilers from RTF Global

Secure High-Value Electric Shears in Your Hardware Store

Electric shears make arduous tasks easy, and people are willing to pay a fair amount to add these tools to their collections. Unfortunately, electric shears can also be prone to theft if they are not properly secured in an hardware store environment.

Much like many other power tools, customers like to view, hold and evaluate electric shears before making a purchase. RTF Global offers a comprehensive collection of devices that can be used to create a system to protect your inventory that does not negatively impact the customer experience. Our security recoilers for electric shears can be customized to work with any retail display and deter theft.

RTF Global Security Options for Electric Shears

Regardless of the size or design of the electric shears you have on display, RTF Global’s theft-prevention solutions ensure optimal protection. Pick from security display recoilers and adapters to create the system that works best for your hardware store displays.

Recoiler used to secure electric shears from RTF Global

Security Display Recoilers

Recoilers allow a unit to be picked up and examined while still keeping your inventory locked in place to your retail display. Each RTF Global recoiler is made with aircraft-grade materials for optimal security.

Features of Security Display Recoilers

  • Choose either 3 or 5 ft. cable lengths
  • Can house a self-contained alarm and battery
  • Made of high-grade aircraft materials
  • Built-in battery protection
Wall adapter from RTF Global for electric shear retail displays

Wall Adapters

Pick the wall adapter that mounts to your existing display for a quick and easy transition to better security for your inventory. RTF Global wall adapters work with display recoilers for optimal electric shears theft prevention.

Features of Wall Adapters

  • Pick from different colors to coincide with existing display setups
  • Modern design with a sleek appearance
  • Compact with durable housing
  • Available to work with wire grids, pegboards, slatwalls, and Unistrut
Cable lock from RTF Global

Cable Locks

Cable locks complete the recoilers security solution by locking the cable together after being tethered to the electric shears. These small units also help prevent the cable ends from fraying.

Features of the Cable Locks

  • Available in black and silver
  • Offers protection from frayed cable ends
  • Included in solution

Electric Shears Security Customized to Your Retail Displays

Our complete system solution for electric shear theft protection can be customized to your needs. Whether you have inventory of different brands, sizes, or varying retail displays where electric shears are displayed, RTF Global has a solution that meets your needs. Choose from our selection of wall adapters that are easily installed and can be integrated into your current retail displays.

RTF Global pegboard wall adapter for retail displays

Pegboard Adapters

Attach recoilers to your existing pegboard with adapters designed for the purpose in silver and black.

RTF Global unistrut wall adapter for retail displays

Unistrut Adapters

Implement recoilers for electric shears displayed on Unistrut displays with an adapter designed to work with the system.

RTF Global gridwall wall adapter for retail displays

Gridwall Adapters

Connect security recoilers to existing gridwalls for easy, seamless tool security.

RTF Global slatwall wall adapter for retail displays

Slatwall Adapters

Use these Slatwall adapters to implement anti-theft devices for slatwall-displayed merchandise.

Prevent Electric Shears Theft in Your Hardware Store with RTF Global

The more proactive you are about electric shears theft prevention, the fewer threats to your inventory you will face. At RTF Global, we bring together industry-leading anti-theft devices and solutions to give hardware store retailers peace of mind and protection for their bottom lines. Looking for anti-theft solutions to keep your inventory rightly protected? Discover our full collection of hardware store anti-theft solutions at RTF Global. Contact us today to see how we can help.


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