Secure High-Value Drill Bits in your Hardware Store

Drill bits can be highly prone to theft in any retail environment. These power dill accessories are slim and small, which means they are easy to conceal if someone is trying to steal them. Drill bits can also have high values, especially when it comes to specialty bits that are designed to do specific jobs.

While drill bits are prone to theft, it is still crucial for this inventory to be displayed in hardware stores where customers can easily view them to make purchasing decisions. Therefore, theft prevention for drill bits is an important investment. RTF Global has an extensive collection of customizable solutions to protect your most valuable merchandise.

RTF Global Security Options for Drill Bits

RTF Global’s pegboard hook and lock Systems make it super simple to include theft prevention for drill bits in your hardware store. Pick from all-in-one peg hooks that have a built-in lock and work with exiting pegboard or opt for universal locks to add to existing peg hooks.

Locking peg hook used to secure drill bits onto pegboard retail displays

Locking Peg Hooks

These locking peg hooks work seamlessly with an existing pegboard display to hang drill bits securely. Simply install the hook, add the merchandise, and lock the merchandise in place which cannot be removed without a key.

Features of Locking Peg Hooks

  • The overall length is 9.25 inches
  • Usable display length of 8.25 inches
  • Sturdy, attractive design
  • Replaces standard peg hooks
Peg locks used to secure drill bits to pegboard retail displays

Peg Locks

Attach peg locks to existing peg hooks to add another layer or drill bits theft prevention to your display. Each lock requires a key to dislodge the lock for merchandise removal.

Peg Locks Features

  • Upgraded version
  • Simple but secure locking mechanism
  • Available in white
  • Magnetic release using a unique key
Magnetic key used to unlock drill bits from pegboard hook and lock system

Magnetic Detacher Keys

Magnetic detached keys quickly release peg locks or all-in-one locking peg lock hangers. Simply use the key to open the lock when restocking or catering to customers.

Magnetic Key Features

  • Slim design
  • Easy to attach to a keyring
  • Black color

Prevent Theft in your Hardware Store with RTF Global

Hardware stores can have a large variety of high-cost merchandise, and many of these pieces can be valuable on the underground market and prone to theft. Creating a loss prevention strategy can mean implementing several solutions, especially when it comes to small items like drill bits. At RTF Global, our collection of theft prevention tools is the industry standard for deterring retail theft. Contact us today to get started with your custom anti-theft solution for your drill bit retail displays.


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