DeWalt power tool secured by RTF Global.

DeWalt Power Tools stands as one of the leading names in the power tools industry. Renowned for their durability and ability to hold their value over time, DeWalt power tools have become a staple for consumers. Nevertheless, these very qualities make them an enticing target for theft. While Hardware retailers aim to provide customers with the opportunity to interact with and make informed purchasing choices regarding their DeWalt tools, it’s equally vital to address theft prevention. That’s why RTF Global offers comprehensive anti-theft solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of hardware store retailers while protecting high-value power tools from brands like DeWalt.

Secure Your Demo DeWalt Power Tools with These Anti-Theft Solutions

With RTF Global’s anti-theft solutions for DeWalt Power Tools, hardware retailers can seamlessly integrate security measures into their power tool displays without compromising the customer experience. Our versatile anti-theft devices are purpose-built to securely attach DeWalt power tools to their displays, accommodating various sizes and shapes with ease.


RTF Global’s ToolGuard is a versatile anti-theft device tailored specifically for power tools offered by brands like DeWalt. ToolGuard is a versatile choice for any tool type, budget, or specific need. It is also packed with customizable features designed to significantly reduce theft while maintaining the interactive shopping experience customers desire when looking for power tools.

Key features of ToolGuard:

  • Seamless integration
  • Compatibility with virtually any power tool
  • Allows customers to touch and handle tools securely
  • Available in both silver and black options to complement your existing displays
  • Offers alarming options for enhanced security
  • Effortless and straightforward installation

Adapters for Customized Power Tool Security

Our anti-theft solutions encompass a variety of adapters designed to cater to the distinct needs of your store, guaranteeing robust security.

Gridwall wall adapter from RTF Global

Gridwall Wall Adapter

Elevate the security of your DeWalt power tools with ease by linking our Gridwall Wall Adapters to your store’s gridwall.

Unistrut wall adapter from RTF Global


Designed for compatibility with unistrut metal framing, the unistrut wall adapter effortlessly connects to the metal framing system, providing enhanced security for DeWalt power tools.

Pegboard wall adapter by RTF Global

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Our pegboard wall adapters come equipped with essential metal mounts, making them a swift and convenient retail security solution for seamless integration into your existing pegboard display.

Slatwall wall adapter from RTF Global

Slatwall Wall Adapters

Our slatwall wall adapters seamlessly blend into hardware store displays and are available in two distinct colours to match your retail displays.

Boost Your Store’s Security and Reduce Losses with RTF Global

Whether you operate a large-scale retail chain or run an independent hardware store, safeguarding high-value, susceptible inventory is essential for your profitability. If you’re seeking assistance in securing your valuable merchandise, RTF Global offers an extensive selection of anti-theft solutions tailored for retail establishments. Our team of seasoned professionals boasts over two decades of expertise in crafting and implementing display security systems for retailers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team to explore customized solutions for enhancing the protection of DeWalt power tools in your store.


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