Secure High-Value Chain Saws in your Hardware Store

As a power tool retailer, you know better than anyone that chain saw theft prevention is a high priority. Should a thief manage to remove such a device from its display area, getting out the door with it can be surprisingly easy. It is for this reason, that RTF Global is dedicated to providing you with robust and functional Chain Saws Theft Prevention tools for your hardware store.

Securing Chain Saws with ToolGuard™

When you choose RTF Global for your retail security needs, you are getting the most versatile, display-friendly, and robust power tool retail security available on the global market. You can rest in the certainty that your chain saws will be secure with our patented anti-theft recoiler, ToolGuard. ToolGuard can be contained in different wall adapters, allowing your customers to view, handle, and feel the ergonomic quality of your inventory without sacrificing security. ToolGuard features the following technologies:

Recoiler used to secure impact drivers from RTF Global

ToolGuard Security Display Recoilers

ToolGuard’s recoilers can secure Chain Saws against theft by adding them to displays or integrating them into a wall adapter. ToolGuard’s recoilers also utilize high-grade aircraft cable for effective protection.

Features of Recoilers

  • High-security aircraft cable recoiler
  • Integrated battery protection
  • Choose between mechanical or a self-contained alarming recoiler
  • Comes in 3ft or 5ft length cable
Wall adapter for retail displays from RTF Global

ToolGuard Wall Adapters

ToolGuard wall adapters house the recoilers, securing them to the floor, a load-bearing feature of the building, or other immovable object. They come in a range of styles to suit your display needs and integrate easily with your chain saw display.

Features of Wall Adapters

  • Compact in size
  • Adapters available for Unistrut, peg boards, slat walls, wire grids, and more
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Comes in a range of colors.
Cable lock from RTF Global

ToolGuard Cable Lock

ToolGuard’s cable lock is essential as it locks the aircraft-grade cable in position after it is looped around the chain saw. The cable lock provides protection from sharp fraying ends.

Features of the Cable Lock

  • Included in the complete chain saw security solution
  • Protects against frayed sharp ends
  • Available in multiple colors

Chain Saws Security Customized to your Retail Displays

Protect your retail chain saw investment with custom RTF Global security solutions, including your choice of the following. These adapters can be adjusted to suit your needs and preferences while maintaining strong inventory security.

RTF Global slatwall wall adapter for retail displays

Slatwall Wall Adapter

Available in two colors to match your display decor.

RTF Global gridwall adapter for retail displays

Gridwall Wall Adapter

Protects your chain saws from theft.

RTF Global pegboard wall adapter for retail displays

Pegboard Wall Adapter

Fits pegboards to blend seamlessly into your display.

RTF Global Unistrut wall adapter for retail displays

Unistrut Wall Adapter

This unit offers easy integration with multiple retail display types.

Chain Saws Theft Prevention in your Hardware Store with RTF Global

As a professional hardware retail expert, you understand the challenges of securing your inventory against the rising threat of retail theft. RTF Global understands these challenges as well. That’s why our retail security engineers work tirelessly to develop new security tools and techniques as power tools develop and evolve.

No matter how the power tool market evolves, you can trust RTF Global as your top partner in combatting retail theft.


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