Apple Watch secured by the Vise W from RTF Global.

The Apple Watch is an extraordinary, slim, and powerful smartwatch with a stunning touchscreen display. As an electronics retailer that sells Apple Watches, it is crucial to implement security measures to ensure the safety of this valuable device from potential theft. Without adequate protection, this lightweight accessory becomes an attractive and easy target for thieves.

Apple Watch Retail Security Solutions

RTF Global recognizes the importance of safeguarding high-value devices like the Apple Watch while maintaining attractive retail displays that customers can interact with. That’s why we have designed comprehensive retail security solutions like the Vise WTM, which is tailored to address both the security and customer experience requirements for these popular and high-value smartwatches.

Apple Watch secured by the Vise W.

Vise WTM

Vise W is the ultimate smartwatch solution that seamlessly integrates security and functionality into the sleek and modern design of Apple Watches. This innovative security device incorporates a distinctive lockdown mechanism, as well as a lift and optional enclosure for all smartwatches, ensuring an extra layer of protection without compromising any of the device’s essential functionalities. With the Vise W, customers can interact with the Apple Watch in its entirety, making informed decisions before finalizing their purchase.

Key features of the Vise W include:

  • Optional enclosures for increased security
  • Proprietary locking tool
  • Slim and attractive design
  • Optional addition of alarm for added security
  • All metal frame for lasting security
  • Easy installation, though tough to remove

Elevate your retail security with the Vise W™, an unparalleled solution that combines unbeatable protection with effortless installation and compatibility across various smartwatch brands. With the Vise W™ safeguarding your valuable Apple smartwatches, you can focus on providing an exceptional retail experience, free from worries about inventory shrinkage. Invest in Vise W™ for peace of mind and a seamless shopping environment.

Secure Your Apple Watch Inventory with RTF Global’s Retail Security Solutions

Trust RTF Global to safeguard your Apple Watch inventory, granting you peace of mind with the knowledge that your valuable assets are well-protected. Our expert team is committed to equipping you with the necessary information, expertise, and exceptional service to enhance the security of your valuable merchandise. With our cutting-edge retail security solutions, we strive to surpass your retail security requirements. Contact us today to learn more.


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