The Vise HDL2 security device attached to a laptop.
The back of the Vise HDL2 anti-theft device.
The security cable on the Vise HDL2.

Vise HDL2™️

Vise HDL2™ is an attractive loss prevention solution that mechanically secures a wide range of laptops. This anti-theft security device is intended for high risk, high-cost laptops.

Despite its focus on laptop security, the Vise HDL2 is designed to be user-friendly. Users can open and close the laptop and inspect all sides without restriction while it’s on display, which ensures that the security measures do not impede customer interaction.

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Laptop Anti-Theft Device

Securing an electronic device in a retail store while still allowing consumers to fully interact with the product is not an easy task. The Vise HDL2 is the highest security display solution available for laptops. This robust security solution comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure that your electronics store is protected from theft. 

Security Features of the Vise HDL2

  • Easy customer hand-out thanks to quick release tool.
  • Quick Installation and removal.
  • Multiple installation options (bolted, taped, floating – with security cable).
  • Laptop width Min = 30cm or 11.81” Max = 42.5cm or 16.73”
  • Laptop max thickness = 1.12cm or 0.44”

Invest in Laptop Display Security with RTF Global

When it comes to safeguarding high value laptops in retail environments, RTF Global stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Our cutting-edge laptop display security solution not only ensures the utmost protection for electronic devices but also prioritizes the seamless interaction of customers with the products on display. For more information, contact our team.


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