Power Tool Display Security Solutions

Security Display Solutions for Power Tools

When it comes to power tool display security, hardware store retailers are often conflicted between creating an attractive and interactive display and securing power tool merchandise from theft. With RTF Global’s power tool display security solutions, you can confidently address both challenges, ensuring that the security of your merchandise never compromises the immersive customer experience you strive to create.

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Integrated Anti-Theft Devices for Power Tools

Many manufacturer-supplied retail displays are not equipped with display security devices to secure high-value power tools. Some retailers turn to secure their merchandise behind bulky cages. RTF Global works with leading store fixture companies and hardware retailers to integrate our power tool recoilers, also known as ‘retractors’ or ‘pull boxes’ into the design of display fixtures. ToolGuardTM allows customers to experience the merchandise while still securing the power tools to their display.

Adaptable Power Tool Display Security Solutions

Protecting power tools from theft should never compromise the customer experience. Current security solutions can have sharp, frayed edges on crimped steel cables that offer poor theft protection and are safety hazards for customers. By utilizing RTF Global’s anti-theft devices for power tools, hardware retailers can seamlessly integrate security measures into their power tool displays. Our versatile anti-theft devices are designed to secure power tools to their displays regardless of their size or shape.

Dewalt power tool retail display secured by recoilers from RTF Global


Using a simple and secure lasso design, as well as a strong aircraft cable, ToolGuard can easily secure power tools to various retail displays including pegboard, unistrut, slatwall, and gridwall displays. Key features of ToolGuard include:

  • Seamless fixture integration
  • Adaptable and compatible with virtually any power tool
  • Allows customers to touch and hold tools while remaining secure
  • Available in silver and black options to match existing displays
  • Available with alarming options for added security
  • Simple, hassle-free installation

With ToolGuard, installation becomes a breeze, seamlessly integrating into your current displays and ensuring a clean and uncluttered look that directs all attention to your carefully curated product selection. 

Pegboard hooks protect power tool accessories from theft

Pegboard Hooks and Locks

Power tool accessories such as attachments, batteries, and chargers, can be challenging to protect against theft. The pegboard hook and lock system is a simple and secure solution. This easy-to-implement and cost-effective solution secures these smaller-sized items from theft. The standardization of pegboard retail displays in hardware stores makes using our hooks and locks easy to integrate into your current displays. The peg lock and hooks attach to pegboards and protect merchandise against theft using a unique magnetic key to release them from the display.

Our Power Tool Security Applications 

Our range of effective power tool display security solutions are tough to remove, easy to apply and still allow customers to interact with merchandise. Reduce shrink and enhance your customer experience with our solutions that can easily integrate into your current retail displays for various power tools such as:

  • Power drills 
  • Power saws 
  • Grinders 
  • Impact drivers 
  • Sanders
  • Chain saws 
  • Fastening tools 
  • Router power tools 
  • Oscillating power tools 
  • Electric shears 
  • Batteries and chargers 
  • Electric polishers 
  • Sanding belts 
  • Saw blades 
  • Heat guns 
  • And more! 

Explore RTF Global Power Tool Security Solutions

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