Nationwide Building Society is a mutual financial institution and the largest building society in the world. Naturally, as a member-owned institution, providing excellent service to members is a top priority for Nationwide. With the advent of new technologies, it’s easier and faster than ever to bank safely with the use of mobile devices.

In the interest of providing the best customer experience, Nationwide approached us in 2018 about how to secure tablet computers within their branches that clients and staff could use to learn online banking and streamline the entire transaction process. Thanks to flexible retail display security solutions from RTF Global, Nationwide has been able to provide clients with a hands-on experience while preventing the theft of these valuable devices.

Anti-Theft Security Devices Used in Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide has relied on our Vise 5+ and Vise HD devices to secure in-branch tablets since 2018. Using mobile devices, Nationwide representatives can show members the benefits of online banking, including demonstrating the functions of their in-house app and showcasing Nationwide’s various financial products and services. Members can use the in-branch tablets to check their account status, shop Nationwide products and services, and get on-demand assistance—all thanks to RTF Global’s mobile anti-theft devices.

Vise 5+™

Vise 5+

The Vise 5+ is a version of our popular Vise 5™ anti-theft device, optimized for tablets. It features longer arms to accommodate tablets of all sizes, and otherwise contains the same trusted security features as our renowned Vise 5 system, with an aircraft cable recoiler for enhanced durability and our signature steel Vise for maximum strength.

  • Easy installation and quick removal process
  • Strong, adjustable arms to fit any tablet on the market
  • Optional Q-arm for enhanced protection in all directions of display
  • Customizable security level
  • Low profile or high-angle mount options
  • Available in black or white to match your device

Vise HD™

A smartphone secured in a Vise HD security device from RTF Global

Vise HD is one of our most advanced anti-theft solutions yet, with a locking steel security bracket and strong Vise to prevent the theft of valuable mobile devices. Its adjustable arms fit virtually any device from a wide range of brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and many more.

  • Steel Vise locks your device in place for ultimate security
  • Easily accessible with the included Vise HD key
  • Low-profile or high-angle mount options
  • Easily mountable to walls or existing displays
  • Simple installation and easy removal process
  • Available in black or white to match your device

Prevent the Theft of Tablets with RTF Global

As a leader in anti-theft devices for mobile phones and tablets, RTF Global is committed to safeguarding your most valuable in-store items while still allowing customers to touch, handle, and interact with them. Contact us to learn more about our retail anti-theft solutions and secure the future of your business today!


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