Home Hardware is a popular hardware retailer in Canada, offering Canadians a place to buy the latest tools, various building supplies, and furniture. They carry a variety of power tool brands like Milwaukee, DeWalt, and Radley. Like many retailers, Home Hardware looks to balance securing power tool inventory to displays while still allowing customers to interact with the product. Franchisees can trust RTF Global’s anti-theft retail display solutions for power tools to do just that.

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We recognize that hardware retailers need adaptable product security solutions that cater to their diverse range of products. That’s why our devices are easy to install, tough to remove, and adaptable to different types of tools and brands. We’re proud to be chosen by many Home Hardware owners as their choice for power tool theft prevention.  

Anti-Theft Security Devices Used in Home Hardware Stores 

At RTF Global, we provide enhanced security solutions for hardware stores to reduce inventory shrink and protect power tools and valuable merchandise. Our retail display solutions used at Home Hardware stores are tailored to fit the shape of nearly any tool found at their stores and allow flexible handling while blending seamlessly into retail store displays.

Home Hardware store power tool display using anti-theft devices from RTF Global
Milwaukee display at Home Hardware using RTF Global anti-theft devices. 

Tool Guard™

Tool Guard is an anti-theft recoiler that is housed in various wall adapters. It allows customers to interact with a product while it remains safely secured to the retail display. It can be integrated into various types of retail displays like pegboards, slatwalls, gridwalls, and pegboards.

Home Hardware choose Tool Guard recoilers to protect their power tool display for various brands. It’s a cost-effective solution for retailers and can be used to protect many different tools such as:  

  • Power saws  
  • Impact drivers  
  • Power drills  
  • Grinders  
  • Fastening Tools  
  • Sanders  

Peg Lock and Locking Hook System

Home Hardware carries a variety of accessories for power tools that need protection against theft. To combat this, we installed our locking hook system on their slatwalls. These hooks cannot be opened without a unique key. The merchandise can only be removed from the hook once the unique key has been used by employees, keeping inventory safe and protected.  

These hooks can protect smaller items like: 

  • Batteries and Chargers  
  • Saw blades  
  • Hand tools  
Home Hardware store using RTF Global locking hooks to protect batteries on display
Milwaukee display at Home Hardware using RTF Global’s locking hooks to protect against theft.

RTF Global Anti-theft Devices Prevent Thefts at Hardware Stores

RTF Global’s power tool security solutions protect your valuable inventory of tools and products without restricting customer experience. Our team of experienced professionals has been creating and installing display security systems for more than two decades. Our work at Home Hardware speaks for itself. We created customized solutions to protect their power tool and accessory inventory from theft. We worked closely with Home Hardware stores to ensure that they had the most reliable and cost-effective security options possible to secure their inventory.  

Contact us today to find out how we can support your hardware store with effective anti-theft solutions that work. 


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