Freedom Mobile is a Canadian wireless telecommunications company with retail store locations across Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, where customers can freely browse the latest smartphones and subscribe to a monthly service plan. With a wide variety of smartphones available for sale, ensuring that customers could easily and comfortably interact with their product selection while preventing theft became a challenge.

Thankfully, the RTF security display solutions at Freedom Mobile have helped them become a thriving marketplace for smartphones, both by displaying merchandise in a visually appealing way and by virtually eliminating theft. Our secure Vise HD and Vise 5 solutions anchor phones to their display, keeping them secure while allowing customers to touch, hold, and even flip them over to view features.

RTF Display Security Solutions for Freedom Mobile – RTF Global

Smartphones are tactile devices, and customers require the ability to interact with them in order to close a sale. Our anti-theft devices for mobile phone retailers ensure that you provide an engaging, interactive experience for your customers and prevent theft of these highly desirable, high-ticket devices. Invest in the future of your business with RTF Global.

Anti-Theft Security Devices Used in Freedom Mobile Stores

Vise HD™

A smartphone secured in a Vise HD security device from RTF Global

The Vise HD is our highest-security anti-theft device for mobile phones. With its secure, locking security bracket and strong steel vise, it remains a staple in many mobile phone retailers across the country. Its adjustable arms fit virtually any device, including popular brands like iPhone, Samsung, Google, Motorola, and many more.

With options for low-profile and high angle mounts, along with easy installation and easy removal, it’s one of the most advanced and user-friendly anti-theft solutions on the market. Available in black or white, the Vise HD readily coordinates with your existing displays for maximum visual appeal.

Vise 5™

Smartphone attached to a white Vise 5 security device from RTF Global

Our most versatile option for securing valuable smartphones, the Vise 5 comes with adjustable steel arms for maximum security and tethers smartphones to your display with an aircraft cable recoiler.

It allows customers to touch, hold, and handle smartphones without sacrificing security, thanks to its premium materials, innovative design, and on-board alarm system. Just like the Vise HD, the adjustable arms can be configured to fit almost any device, and it’s available in black or white to match existing displays.

Prevent the Theft of Mobile Phones with RTF Global

Smartphone theft is on the rise, and with the high-ticket price of these items, losing them via theft can be a devastating blow to your business. That’s why industry leaders like Freedom Mobile trust RTF Global to provide high-security anti-theft devices for mobile phones that protect your investment. Their clean, intuitive design allows you to create attractive displays with a high level of customization, and their secure Vise technology creates an environment where customer interaction is both secure and encouraged.

Contact us today to learn more about how our expertly engineered anti-theft devices can help you enhance your customer experience and create long-lasting prosperity for your business!


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