Loss Prevention Solutions that Support Digital Transformation in Retail

Retail theft is on the rise in North America, emphasizing the critical need for proactive inventory protection. Simultaneously, the retail industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation, evident in the introduction of electronic kiosks and in-store laptops that enable customers to access inventory information and product details. This presents the challenge of safeguarding these digital transformation tools while maintaining a seamless and positive customer experience.

Loss Prevention Solutions by RTF that Support the Digital Transformation in Retail

RTF Global offers a variety of effective loss-prevention solutions for retailers that support digital transformation in retail while keeping their devices secure from theft.

1. Vise 5+™

Vise 5 Q-Arm

If your store displays demo tablets for customers to utilize to search inventory, the Vise 5+ is a great solution that allows customers to seamlessly interact with the device while keeping the device secure. The Vise 5+ uses four long arms to secure a tablet by its sides and works with a wide variety of tablets. The four long arms create a vise grip with a tethering device securing it in place. Once Vise 5+ is engaged, it is nearly impossible for someone to run off with the tablet.

2. OmniSense™

OmniSense being used with two smartphones showing information on the screen

Instead of displaying valuable electronic products, OmniSense lets you place a demo device that is identical to the device, such as an iPhone. An idle video starts playing when motion is detected and encourages the visitor to examine the product. When it is lifted, a tethering device causes the video to change and more closely describe the product.

The combination of software and hardware enables OmniSense to engage the consumer and generate greater interest in the product. It works well with electronic devices, cell phones, cosmetics, cannabis containers, and much more. A monitor displays digital advertising for the product to help gain the attention of your customers. On top of this, merchandise is secured with a recoiling tether to the display, which is also a theft deterrent.

3. Vise HDL™

Vise HDL Laptop Anti-theft Device by RTF Global

You can secure your store’s interactive laptops with the Vise HDL from RTF Global while still enabling customers to search your store’s inventory, place online orders, etc. The simple and robust display security device is made from custom-cut billet metal and is easy to install. It adjusts to fit a wide variety of laptops and features an ergonomic design. Once installed, it is virtually impossible to remove. A lifetime warranty ensures the Vise HDL has a very long service life so that you get the best return on your retail-security investment.

Looking to secure the demo devices in your retail store? Get in touch with the knowledgeable team at RTF Global today to learn more.


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