How to Reduce Employee Theft With Retail Display Security

Retailers face an epidemic of theft from employees that supervisors mistakenly trusted. Studies indicate that retail theft accounts for 37 percent of store losses, totaling approximately $100 billion annually. Compounding the problem of inventory losses, stores that sell high-value products such as power tools or electronic devices need to promote products by showcasing them to paying customers. Companies that lock up popular items typically experience a sales downturn upwards of 25 percent. The question of how to reduce employee theft with retail display security has but one solution — advanced security measures.

Employee Theft Prevention Solutions for Retail Displays

According to a 2022 National Retail Federation survey, an estimated 28.5 percent of inventory “shrinkage” was linked to dishonest employees. Workers who are given the keys to locked inventory storage cabinets have unfettered access to electronics and other expensive items. To reduce employee theft with retail display security, the following solutions are helping retailers showcase products while minimizing inventory losses.

1. Discrete Cable Recoilers™

The Vise 5™ continues to prove the most effective way to secure electronics store inventory in place while providing shoppers with full access. Used to safeguard smartphones, iPads, tablets, and various handheld devices, the Vise 5 tethers the product to a display post that elevates the item.

Customers cannot miss the displayed product and the cable prevents thieves from slipping it into a pocket. Decision-makers enjoy advanced options, including locking items tightly to the mount or adding an alarm.

2. Surveillance Cameras

It’s important to understand that security cameras are both a proactive and reactive approach to retail security. Employees are fully aware they are being surveilled at all times. Knowing workers are on camera can make them hesitant to steal.

Unscrupulous employees who are determined to pilfer off high-value products will likely find ways to shield theft from monitors. Although cameras are an integral part of a security solution, they cannot prevent products from leaving the store.

3. Security Devices with Alarm Function

Power tool theft continues to escalate, prompting some hardware stores to take extreme measures. But for local hardware stores with limited customer service teams, locking down power tools is neither practical nor good for sales. Carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, and handy DIYers want to handle tools to get a feel for their weight. By that same token, an unsecured power tool is a theft statistic waiting to happen.

The good news is that RTF Global’s ToolGuard™ provides a pragmatic anti-theft solution for customer convenience. It utilizes a strong, flexible cable to harness big-ticket items in place. Buyers can handle power tools in a fashion consistent with their anticipated use in a limited area. ToolGuard comes in black and silver to match displays and has an alarm mechanism should someone attempt to cut the sturdy cable.

4. Safety Mirrors

Mirrors provide a low-tech approach to monitoring products and human behaviours. While a modest deterrent to shoplifters, the inherent problem with security mirrors is they require employees to watch customers. This effectively leaves no one watching for internal employee theft. While safety mirrors make criminals feel apprehensive, the best retail security strategies are those that use mirrors in tandem with options that keep products secured in place.

RTF Global Delivers Anti-Theft Solutions

RTF Global specializes in anti-theft solutions for retailers who need to showcase electronics, power tools, and other high-value items targeted by shoplifters and dishonest employees. If you need a way to display products securely, contact RTF Global today.


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