Is There a Shoplifting Season?

Though shoplifting tends to peak during specific times of the year, it remains a year-round challenge for retailers. Being aware of these periods can help you become more prepared to handle such incidents. In this blog, we will discuss when shoplifting typically occurs at its highest, the reasons behind it, and how RTF Global’s retail security solutions can effectively reduce inventory loss during these critical periods.

What Time of Year Do People Shoplift the Most?

Shoplifting is most prevalent during the holiday season, especially around Christmas and New Year’s. Some of the reasons this occurs include:

  • More traffic: There are more people in stores during the holidays, and that raises the chance of theft statistically.
  • Distracted Staff: With more people, more events, and more chaotic stores, the staff is simply distracted. Thieves are aware of this and take advantage.
  • Cold Weather Clothing: When the weather is colder, people wear more bulky clothing. This makes it easier to steal since items are more easily hidden.
  • Extra Pressure: The holiday season’s gift-giving expectations can put people under significant pressure to find suitable gifts, leading to heightened stress and financial strain. This added pressure may make individuals who are already inclined to steal even more likely to engage in shoplifting.

Retailers should remain vigilant during this time and consider implementing effective security measures to protect their merchandise and minimize losses.

How RTF Global’s Anti-Theft Devices Can Help in Any Season

The good news is that leading anti-retail-theft solutions providers like RTF Global are here to help. We offer state-of-the-art solutions for retail theft that can reduce and eliminate shoplifting while keeping your showroom floor a friendly place for paying customers.

Anti-Theft Devices for Mobile Phones

At RTF Global, we take pride in providing retail display security solutions that cater to all types of mobile phones, including smartphones, flip phones, and folding phones. Unlike other security systems that may restrict customers from fully experiencing their devices, we ensure seamless integration of our products into your existing displays. By doing so, we not only enhance the overall customer experience, but also effectively reduce theft or shrinkage for cell phone retailers.

Anti-Theft Devices for Hardware Stores

We also provide security solutions for high-value tools in hardware stores. With a seamless integration into your existing display setup, our security devices enhance the overall customer experience while effectively reducing inventory shrink. No matter the size or brand of the merchandise, our power tool security devices offer a high level of protection, allowing customers to interact with the products conveniently and confidently.

To learn more about what RTF Global is doing to curb retail theft in your industry, get in touch today. Our team of security experts is eager to address your retail security concerns.


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