Ideas for Incorporating Theft Prevention in Your Visual Merchandizing

As retail theft becomes increasingly sophisticated, retailers need to keep up with the latest theft prevention tools and techniques. Our team of retail theft prevention experts are always looking for new and improved ways to safeguard your inventory.

Theft Prevention Tips for Visual Merchandizing

No one knows better than you that retail theft never rests. High-value merchants also understand that security alone is not enough. You need innovative security solutions that don’t compromise the quality shopping experience you provide to your customers. Here are five Ideas for incorporating theft prevention in your visual merchandizing from RTF Global.

1. Add Safety Mirrors Around Displays

Retail outlets, shopping centres, and more have been using the tried-and-true method of strategic mirror placement. If you haven’t noticed them in your local grocery store and elsewhere, just look around the next time you go shopping. Safety mirrors are a cheap and effective strategy to remove blind spots against theft and other retail crime, and there is a large selection of specially designed safety mirrors to work in a wide range of locations.

2. Incorporate Discrete Cable Recoilers

These devices are the perfect way to secure high-ticket items that can fit into a pocket or jacket easily. They allow the paying customer to handle and inspect the product fully while preventing criminals from hiding them and walking away with them. If you’re in the market for discrete cable recoilers, RTF Global’s Boomerang™ is a small yet strong mechanical aircraft cable recoiler that’s specifically designed to secure merchandise in retail stores.

3. Consider Placing High-Value Items in Acrylic or Glass Cases

Over the last few years, when retail theft has become more brazen than ever, more and more merchants are placing heavily targeted items behind locked acrylic and glass barriers. This may be a good solution for products that don’t require the customer to interact with them in order to make a purchase. For products that do require customer interaction (such as mobile phones and tablets), it may be better to consider other security measures to ensure you don’t sacrifice the customer experience.

4. Create Shorter Displays

No matter how large your showroom floor is, it is best to improve visibility by designing shorter display aisles and racks. Long aisles decrease the ability of your staff to maintain lines of sight and effectively monitor the floor. Shorter racks and aisles make the job of staff and security easier while depriving criminals of the hiding spots they need to steal your inventory.

5. Implement Security Devices with Alarms

One of the best solutions for several years now has been arming high-value items with an alarm. This can be done seamlessly, especially when you use anti-theft devices that are specially designed for this purpose, like RTF Global’s Vise LCE™. The Vise LCE is a versatile device that sounds off an alarm when the cable tether or recoiler is removed from its display.

Prevent Retail Theft with the Help of RTF Global

Here at RTF Global, your retail security is our bottom line. That’s why we work hard to design and implement new solutions to protect your store inventory. To learn more and get the inside scoop on the newest developments in retail security tech, tools, and techniques, get in touch with RTF Global today. Our team is eager to help!


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