Protecting the Apple Watch from Retail Theft

The first Apple Watch was released to the public in 2015.

Apple’s version of the smartwatch wasn’t the first on the market and unlike the revolutionary iPhone, the iWatch came in and took its place on the wrist of many existing Apple users.

18 years earlier, RTF took its place in the retail merchandise display security industry. Like the Apple Watch, we weren’t the first to market, but RTF, like Apple, is timeless.

What do you think encapsulates longevity?

Apple would state simple, ageless design wrapping cutting edge technology.

RTF has followed the same model since 1997 and proudly celebrates 25 years of serving customers like Apple retailers providing shoplifting prevention security brackets in retail stores.

RTF’s Retail Security Solution for the Apple Watch

Customer trying on Apple Watch with RTF’s display stand attached

One simple retail security solution is RTF’s latest Apple Watch display stand.

The rugged retail merchandise holder positions the Apple Watch for the customer to slide their wrist underneath and experience the “on wrist” look.

RTF constructs all of their retail display security products to first present the product and not to overwhelm the shopper with obtrusive, cumbersome security fittings.

The Canadian security company elevates the merchandise to the foreground similar to the method an engagement ring secures and displays the precious diamond.

If you are an electronics retailer that’s in the market for Apple watch retail security or wish to securely display other electronic merchandise, contact RTF for real solutions delivered by an experienced team.


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