How RTF’s Retail Security Components for Store Fixtures Prevent Retail Theft

Regardless of the type of retailer you are, the challenge of protecting revenue and inventory against the many faces of theft is a daunting endeavor. If you’re wondering how to retrofit your existing store fixtures to prevent retail theft, you’ll be pleased that RTF Global offers tools to deter such activity, as well as detect potential theft while loss prevention is still an option.

The best anti-theft system for retail shops is one that is both attractive and highly effective. Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions available from RTF Global to minimize theft and protect valuable merchandise. Whether you sell hardware, home improvement items, electronics, jewelry, or phones and tablets, RTF Global has the solution.

Choose From Many Customized Retail Security Devices

Our customized retail security systems are designed to accommodate products of all shapes and sizes. The devices boast various configurations, including multiple security cord lengths, and options of varying size, color and height.

Each one works in its own unique way. For instance, Boomerang is RTF Global’s light duty security system for merchandise like cellphones and tablets. With this solution, dummy mobile devices are returned to a stationary position after each customer’s handling.

We also offer anti-theft devices for clothing and footwear, and some of the endless choices in this category include recoiling tethers, alarms, tape, lassos, and other options to protect shoes and attire of any kind.

Security devices in stores for power tools are also offered by RTF Global, and were developed to tastefully integrate into various hardware store displays.

Practical Solutions for Retailers Everywhere

The following are just a few of the retailers we can help with our innovative, state-of-the-art anti-theft devices:

We realize that security devices in stores should be attractive and functional, and we work hard to create this perfect balance.

Why Choose RTF

RTF Global understands that there is a fine line between keeping merchandise safe and deterring legitimate customers with unattractive displays. Integrating our anti-theft retail security devices into your store fixtures is the best way to keep customers focused on your merchandise while providing you with peace of mind. Contact RTF Global today to review the limitless number of options available and find the perfect one for your establishment.


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