How to Deal with Shoplifters

Not many retailers can say that they haven’t experienced some form of shoplifting at their store. It is extremely prevalent in the retail industry and retailers are constantly looking for ways to prevent shoplifting and reduce the impact it has on their profits.

What Do When You Spot a Shoplifter

Shoplifters have become smart. They specialize in blending in with other shoppers, which can make it difficult to spot them. Look for people who are watching staff rather than shopping, seem nervous, and avoid eye contact. If you are certain that someone has shoplifted here are some helpful tips when confronting them:

  • Approach them after they have left the store
  • Have an additional employee with you to prevent them from fleeing
  • Immediately identify yourself
  • Use a neutral tone when speaking
  • Aim to retrieve the product from the shoplifter before reentering the store

The most important thing to consider when evaluating whether or not to confront a shoplifter is the laws surrounding shoplifting in your area. Laws vary in different areas which may impact the ways that you can approach someone.

How Retailers Can Prevent Shoplifting

According to the 2020 National Retail Security Survey, shrinkage is at an all-time high, costing the industry $61.7 billion. Retailers are leaning on loss prevention to help combat shrink and devoting more resources to it. Implementing a loss prevention strategy can help retailers reduce the occurrence of shoplifting. Using a combination of tried-and-true methods and the latest security technology to protect inventory can help retailers to combat shoplifting.

Give Engaging Customer Service

While the industry is constantly evolving, superior customer service is still critical. It is a tried-and-true method for increasing sales while also reducing opportunities for shoplifting. When employees are engaged with customers, they interact with them more often and are more aware of customer movements around the store. It deters shoplifters from stealing when they know that an attentive employee is nearby and ready to offer customer service.

Use Security Devices  

Improvements have been made to security devices used to protect retailers. Cameras and electronic article surveillance can be used to help reduce shoplifting. At the root of the problem is making sure that merchandise is tough to remove from the retail display. Retail security devices can be easily implemented into retail displays that secure the merchandise to the display. At RTF Global, we’ve created retail security devices for mobile, electronic, and hardware retailers to reduce shoplifting in their stores.  

Keep Products Visible

It is easier for employees to give great customer service and maintain eye contact with customers when the store is organized and clean. This should be a priority when looking to reduce shoplifting. When a store is untidy, it can lead to the merchandise being misplaced and can be easily taken from the store without anyone noticing. An organized store with a clean store and clear floor plan allows employees to maintain visibility throughout all areas of the store.

Reduce Shoplifting with Security Devices from RTF Global

While it might seem daunting to tackle shoplifting, simple and effective methods can help reduce its impact. By keeping products visible, giving good customer service, and using security devices, you can prevent shoplifting from occurring in your store. When implementing security devices, choose RTF Global’s anti-theft solutions. We create products that are easy to install, hard to remove, and customizable to your specific retail displays. Explore our security solutions and know that you are investing in quality retail security devices that will protect your merchandise.  


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