What Happens to Stolen Phones?

There is no denying the importance of mobile phones in our day-to-day lives. Mobile phones that are stolen directly from retailers often end up in the resale market. Learn more about theft prevention for mobile phone retailers.

Why Are Mobile Phones a Target for Theft?

Displaying mobile phones for sale is like displaying hard cash. The increasing retail cost is a testament to how valuable mobile phones now are. With price points ranging from £500-£1000, mobiles are now more expensive than most laptops.

Their smaller size means that mobile phones can easily be swiped from a shop, placed in a bag or backpack, and walked out of the shop, all undetected. Their demand in pawn shops and online reseller markets means that perpetrators can quickly and easily re-sell the phone and are unlikely to be caught. Quick to sell, high-value items make a mobile phone a very attractive target for a would-be thief.

Where do Stolen Phones End Up?

When a smartphone is stolen, it can easily be sold on the underground market.

Many pawn shops are ready and willing to purchase and sell mobile phones. With no questions asked, these pawn shops will sell stolen phones to customers who believe that they are getting a good deal.

Stolen mobiles often are quickly resold on online reselling sites like Gumtree, Preloved, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or Kijiji. Many purchasers have no idea they have bought a stolen item.

One way to combat the resale of stolen mobiles is to report the theft to the carriers, who can then turn off the device without the customer knowing.

How to Protect Your Mobile Phone Inventory  

Many mobile phone retailers have an inviting, open floor concept to display products in their shops. While this lets customers have easy access to products and improves the customer experience, it can leave retailers vulnerable to theft. Using retail security devices for mobile phones allows the merchandise to be protected without impacting the customer experience. Mobile phone retailers can easily implement security devices from RTF Europe into their retail displays which offer a high level of security. Customers are still able to pick up, touch, move, and feel the smartphone while it is safely secured to the display.  

Reduce Mobile Phone Theft with Products from RTF Europe  

The theft of smartphones will continue to be an issue for retailers. The demand for smarter, better, faster mobile phones will continue to grow and so will their price point. The reseller market is a permanent fixture in the industry and retailers should seek out products to protect their inventory from theft. Security devices made for mobile phone retailers from RTF Europe are tough to remove, customizable to retail displays, and easy to install. Partner with our team of experts to reduce theft in your store and protect your valuable inventory.  


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