Cost-Effective Security Solutions for Your Seasonal Lawn & Garden Inventory

For many retailers, the warm weather means adding lawn and garden inventory to their hardware stores. From leaf blowers and edgers to lawnmowers and chainsaws, these equipment pieces don’t just have high-dollar value—they are also prone to theft. Of course, retailers want to offer the merchandise to customers, but doing so also comes with the caveat that extra security steps must be taken.

Why Securing Retail Lawn Equipment Is Necessary

Lawn and garden equipment holds a high resale value in the black market and can be difficult to track. According to sources, only about 5 to 10 percent of this stolen equipment is ever recovered.

These larger pieces of equipment are prone to theft because of their high resale and because the pieces can be more of a challenge to secure. Outdoor displays of lawn and garden equipment, for example lawn mowers, are often necessary due to indoor space limitations. However, these displays present a particular challenge as they are inherently more vulnerable to theft.

Reduce Problems with Inventory Shrinkage

Not only does the stolen lawn and garden equipment mean losses for the business, but the shrinkage in inventory also makes it challenging to maintain stock for paying customers. Retailers that rely on a point-of-sale system that automates reorders based on sales will have ongoing problems with out-of-stock merchandise. This alone interferes with customer loyalty and can affect profits in the long term.

Keep Underground Market Competition in Check

Implementing cost-effective security solutions for gardening inventory helps reduce re-sale market competition. The more lawn and garden equipment is stolen, the more the inventory is available on the underground resale market. When thieves make this merchandise available outside of retail environments, this creates a problem for store owners: they can’t compete with the prices, and they can’t assume sales. Customers often unknowingly purchase stolen gardening equipment from illegitimate vendors because they can get it cheaper than buying the piece new. Security solutions that minimize theft, also minimize availably inventory on the re-sale market.

Top-Rated Security Solutions for Gardening Inventory

Lawn trimmer secured to display with security solutions from RTF Global

Securing retail lawn equipment with cost-effective security fixtures is the key to curbing problems with theft. Offering high security with seamless display integrations, RTF Global’s display recoilers will protect your stock of seasonal lawn and garden products while still allowing customers to interact with your merchandise.

Our complete security solutions for lawn and garden equipment consists of high-security aircraft cable recoilers that are housed in wall adapters that fit in many different retail displays such as Unistrut, pegboards, or slatwalls. The aircraft cable is then safely secured in place with a cable lock. These top-rated security solutions for gardening merchandise can be customized for various retail displays and products.

Trust RTF Global for Securing Lawn and Garden Equipment

The more secure your inventory, the less likely theft will be an issue in your store. Looking for top-rated security solutions for lawn and garden inventory? Be sure to look at the full collection of products that RTF Global offers.


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