Improving Your Customer’s Experience While Maintaining Security

Customers come to retail stores to touch, feel, and interact with products they are looking to purchase. It’s a vital aspect of the customer’s experience. And while having customers interact with products can conflict with loss prevention strategies, it doesn’t have to. When merchandise is secured to retail displays it can improve customers’ experiences in retail stores. Implementing retail security display solutions can increase your bottom line and create lifetime customers.

Encourage Engagement with Retail Displays

Interacting with the product is just one aspect of the customer experience when shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. The interaction between the sales associate and the customer is another. When sales associates are concentrated on protecting and securing merchandise, the customer suffers. Using retail displays that safely secure the product without impacting the customer experience allows sales associates to interact with customers more easily. Modern designs from RTF Global can seamlessly integrate into various retail displays for items like power tools, mobile phones, and electronics.  

Create an Immersive Experience

When customers are interacting with the unique features of a product, they are more likely to make a purchase. An immersive experience with merchandise can be achieved when using retail display security devices. These devices allow customers to pick up the item while being secured to retail displays. It’s a simple way to reduce shrinkage while improving the customer experience in retail stores.

Create Great Customer Experiences with RTF Global

Though many aspects of the retail world are now digital, there are still situations where traditional in-person experiences are needed. Customers shopping for products want to see them in person before making purchases. Combine the efforts of marketing and loss prevention when you implement retail display security devices. Advancements have been made to security devices that have given them a simple design that is easy to install, hard to remove. RTF devices come in various sizes and colors to suit any display. We have decades of experience helping retailers improve their customer experience with our customized devices.


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