Preventing Retail Theft in Power Tool Displays

In recent years, hardware stores have seen a surge in organized shoplifting. Among the primary targets are power tools and high-value electronics. Criminals will swipe power tools because these products rank among the most expensive hand-held items in hardware stores. It is easy for thieves to sell stolen merchandise with online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay, making it essential for hardware stores to prevent retail theft in their power tool displays.  

Smash-And-Grab Theft is on the Rise 

Individuals are racing into stores, smashing display case glass and grabbing items off shelves. Theft of products under $1,000 may only result in a misdemeanor charge, making smash-and-grabs a small risk for organized retail criminals. 

If you are among the many vulnerable hardware store owners or operators, consider the following inventory theft data: 

  • The Annual Retail Theft Survey indicated that 22 large US retailers experienced 184,000 shoplifting apprehensions in 2020. 
  • Organized retail crime resulted in $719,548 per $1 billion in losses in 2020, according to the US National Retail Federation. 
  • The NYPD fielded 26,000 more shoplifting complaints from Jan. 1 through Sept. 12, 2021, than the previous year. 
  • Connecticut formed a statewide task force to deal with organized retail theft gangs. 

How to Combat Power Tool Theft 

It’s essential to understand that hardware stores of every size remain at risk. Unsecured power tool displays invite individuals to take small orbital sanders, cordless drills, planers, and jigsaws, among others. Reports indicate that aggressive groups will walk right into a hardware store and grab products as large as chainsaws. That’s why hardware store owners and operators are urged to lock up bulk inventory and deploy RTF Global display security devices to deter thieves. These efforts include the following. 

  • Recoilers: The RTF recoilers used by wide-reaching hardware outlets are uniquely designed to protect power tool displays. Honest shoppers can lift products and handle them freely to get a feel for the items. But the secure wire keeps the items from being stolen.
  • Cable Lock: RTF’s unique cable lock system secures the aircraft cable around the power tool and its battery. It finishes off the cable end and prevents fraying and possible injuries.
  • Peg Locks: Hardware stores would be well served to invest in peg locks to ensure merchandise doesn’t walk out the door. While the peg locks secure merchandise on their pegs, we also provide pegs that lock onto the display wall. This presents a retail security device that protects the entire merchandise stock. The RTF peg locks and locking pegs can only be removed by a specialized key provided to employees.

Invest in Top-Tier Security for your Power Tool Display 

For anti-theft solutions designed to secure high-theft items such as power tools, trust the professionals at RTF Global. Our team will work with you to provide unique solutions for your retail displays in your hardware stores. Get in touch with our team today to learn more. 


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