Cost-Effective Retail Theft Solutions for UK Shopkeepers

Retail theft continues to increase in the UK and across Europe, with shop owners sustaining sometimes devastating losses. The British Retail Consortium’s 2021 Retail Crime Survey indicates retail outlets in the UK incurred theft and crime prevention costs that exceeded £2.5 billion, a 14-percent increase over the previous year. Shopkeepers also suffered 455 daily incidents of violence toward store employees in 2020, representing a 7 percent surge. It’s these concerning statistics that highlight the importance of retail theft solutions for UK shopkeepers. 

The retail industry across the UK desperately needs solutions to tamp down shoplifting and confrontational theft. That’s why many retailers are employing security measures such as display recoilers and peg locks distributed by RTF Europe. 

How Can Recoilers Protect Inventory & Employees? 

Troubling retail theft is not necessarily isolated incidents. The United States has also experienced a rash of brazen, broad daylight attacks on workers as store shelves were picked clean. Organized theft in the U.S. reportedly cost retailers $719,548 per $1 billion in 2020, up from $453,940 in 2015. That’s why an increased number of retail shops are using security devices that keep products secure while shoppers consider their purchases.  

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage 

It’s not uncommon for thieves to swipe goods off shelves without being noticed. Criminal gangs will rotate shoplifters to remain undetected as store owners sustain thousands in losses. The use of tethers acts as a deterrent and prevents these individuals from slipping inventory into their pockets and bags.  

Sensors Heighten Security 

But even recoilers aren’t enough to keep products on shelves. Nefarious individuals may be willing to carry professional cutting tools to get the job done. RTF Europe recoilers and sensors discourage and disrupt inventory theft by triggering an alarm. It’s not easy to remain undetected when a loud alarm is sounding! 

Keeping Employees Safe 

Loyal employees may try to prevent theft by interceding. These interactions too often become violent as lawbreakers assault employees and flee to avoid apprehension. When mobile phones, laptops, watches, tools, and other expensive items are tethered down by anti-theft solutions, organized retail criminals may be deterred from striking, keeping employees out of harm’s way.   

Advanced Security Fixtures from RTF Europe  

In terms of cost-effective shoplifting prevention, recoilers and sensors are just the tip of the spear. Security products such as the Vise HDL lock laptops in place, and the Boomerang remains relatively unseen using a strong aircraft cable recoiler as potential buyers handle products. These and other RTF display fixture systems provide shoppers with access to touch and feel products while preventing theft and protecting the welfare of valued employees. 

Invest in Retail Theft Solutions with RTF Europe 

For over twenty years, retailers across the UK and EU have trusted the quality retail anti-theft solutions from RTF Global. The RTF Europe group offers a complete line of anti-theft security products that are cost-effective and specially designed to protect your shop inventory. Get in touch with the RTF Europe team today to learn more about our extensive retail solutions. 


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