Investing in Recoiling Security Cables with Sensors for Store Displays

Individuals focused on reselling stolen merchandise from retail stores have become increasingly bold. Reports indicate that organized retail crime has emerged as a growing business with groups coordinating shoplifting efforts and black-market reselling online, making it increasingly important for store owners to invest in reliable security cables with sensors to secure their valuable product against theft. Store owners and managers are under significant pressure to increase their security in a defense against organized shoplifting.  

Benefits of Recoiling Security Tethers with Sensors 

One of the best ways to deter in-store theft is to invest in robust security measures, such as recoiling security cables with integrated sensors to secure merchandise to their store display. Shop owners who deploy industry-leading RTF Global security solutions can expect the following benefits: 

Reduced Inventory Shrinkage 

Using security cables to secure big-ticket items to their store display serves as a first step to deter retail theft. Potential criminals see the recoiler and cable lock and are often deterred from attempting to remove the product as the effort to cut the security cable is too great without attracting unwanted attention. Unfortunately, in-store criminals are growing increasingly bold and are more likely to have an accomplice to distract employees while they attempt to cut through anti-theft systems. This is why using a sensor attached to the recoiling security cable is a great second step to deter thieves, as it sounds an alarm when removed, alerting nearby employees. 

Cost-Effective Security 

The recoilers and anti-theft sensors RTF Global offers rank among the most cost-efficient systems on the market today. 

With an increase in the rate of in-store theft over the last few years, we can only expect to see the trend continue. The combination of recoiling security tethers and sensor alarms are a great option to reduce in-store theft and are designed to be remerchandised and reusable for future store displays. 

Explore RTF Global’s Anti-Theft Cables with Sensor Alarms 

The anti-theft solutions distributed by RTF Global are easy to install but exceedingly hard to remove without specific release systems. To reduce in-store shrink and deter theft, it’s important to invest in quality security devices for your retail store displays. Explore our security solutions and recoilers with sensor alarms to secure your valuable product against theft. 


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