Prevent Organized Retail Crime in Hardware Stores

As a leading provider of anti-theft solutions, RTF Global knows firsthand the negative effects organized retail crime can have on businesses. Organized retail crime continues to climb year after year and the industries that are being targeted continue to evolve. Hardware stores are becoming one of the main targets for organized retail crime because of their high value power tools and gardening equipment out on display. Without installing anti-theft measures, losses will continue to rise.

Organized Retail Crimes Target Display Items

Hardware stores often put high-value products on display for customers’ benefit. Unfortunately, when these items are not secured properly to the display, they become attractive items for theft because they can be stolen with little effort and resold for profit.

Organized Retail Crime Is on the Rise

Recent news stories are highlighting reports that criminals are strategically orchestrating daytime smash-and-grab incidents. Although some media outlets are blaming the lack of criminal sanctions for criminals’ bold heists, the fact remains that products are vulnerable and accessible. In these incidents, organized retail crime members have no trouble walking in and filling bags with expensive merchandise because they are not properly secured.

Many organized retail crimes are spread out across multiple jurisdictions. Local municipalities could possess dozens of experienced retail criminals who rotate their stealth thievery through stores, each taking high-value products. The items stolen from a store may be resold two states away, which makes recovering losses next to impossible.

Unfortunately, a deep dive into National Retail Federation data indicates that organized retail crime is on the rise:

  • Organized theft cost retailers $719,548 per $1 billion in 2020, up from $453,940 in 2015.
  • Over 75 percent of retailers indicated organized retail crime increased in 2021.

Without Retail Theft Prevention, Hardware Stores Remain Vulnerable

To help mitigate the risk of organized retail crime, it is imperative that hardware store owners and operators install theft prevention systems that are uniquely designed to deter criminals from grabbing and fleeing with expensive products. Anti-theft display recoilers and peg locks are the most trusted retail display security measures for hardware stores.

RTG Global Provides Trusted Security Solutions

For over twenty years, retailers across North America and Europe have trusted the quality retail anti-theft solutions from RTF Global. RTF Global offers a complete line of cost-effective, anti-theft security products that are specially designed to meet the needs of hardware retailers. Get in touch with the RTF Global team today to learn more about our extensive retail solutions.


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