Samsung Fold and Samsung Flip Phone Security

Like any new product, Samsung’s new flagship phones not only attract upscale customers, they also attract theft. Increasing your Samsung Flip phone security is essential in supporting loss and is especially needed for a new phone in this price category.

RTF Global, a global leader in retail loss prevention and display security, had the foresight with our highly flexible Vise5 mobile phone security mounts. Most Samsung Fold or Samsung Flip phone security mounts are designed for conventional devices and the new Samsung devices create challenges.

Security Solutions for the Samsung Fold

In the case of the Samsung Fold, the conventional security arms located left and right cannot be used, as the device needs to be movable so consumers in the retail store can hold and look at the Samsung phone up close. RTF’s solution to the Samsung flip phone design is to convert to a top and bottom configuration of the security arms allowing the consumer to experience the folding feature of the device.

Security Solutions for the Samsung Flip

In case of the Flip, the security claws are typically too thick and prevent a complete closing of the mobile phone. The sleek design of our aluminum alloy security claws is thin enough to allow the full functionality of the Samsung Flip phone while providing the strength needed for a high level of security and loss prevention. A further advantage of our modular system Vise5 is that retail stores can easily re-merchandise their security displays without additional investment into a completely new security solution for the latest phone.

Samsung fold display secured using the Vise5 from RTF Global Inc

Interested in one of our high security phone solutions or have a question? Contact the dedicated team at RTF Global for advanced security and retail theft solutions.


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