Retail Display Security Devices in Canada

For over 23 years, RTF Global Inc. has supplied Canadian retailers merchandise security solutions to protect displayed items. Offering leading retail security devices in Canada, our technology has secured products in retail settings, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, TV remotes, makeup testers, electric razors, and paint samples and more.

Providing Security Solutions to Retailers for over 20 Years

With offices north of Toronto, our Orangeville based business is proud of our long standing relationships, protecting Canadian electronics retailers from inventory theft. During our history, we’ve helped brands like Freedom Mobile, The Mobile Shop, Walmart and Home Depot reduce shrinkage by proving the best in retail display security. Throughout our long history, the value of our relationships in Canada has been our main goal, and with this focus, RTF Global has seen year over year success and growth in the retail security industry.

RTF Global’s plexiglass mobile phone guard protecting a smartphone

Protecting Inventory and the Health of Shoppers

At RTF Global, we value not only your inventory but your customers. During the height of the pandemic, we worked to provide wireless retailers in Canada and around the world a means to merchandise their smartphones in retail stores while still protecting their customers.

ViseShield Display Covers

ViseShield, a plexiglass smartphone cover, allows mobile phones to be merchandised while reducing the handling of the phones. Doing this limits the spread of germs while at the same time, giving the customer peace of mind. When used with our leading retail display security devices, your high-value merchandise stays protected while still allowing customers to view the products.

Dimensions of the plexiglass mobile phone guard from RTF Global


SmartCircle is a retail demo mode that wireless carriers and mobile phone retailers can manage and control, displaying messaging and promotions on their display phones and tablets. During the time when customers started returning to in-store shopping, marketing campaigns could be programmed to show the features of the device, minimizing customer contact with the phone. This patented software is both smart and safe!

Explore RTF Security Solutions

RTF Global plans to supply retail security systems to retailers in Canada and globally for many more years to come. Explore more of our retail display solutions to ensure your store is protected against theft.


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