Retractable Display Tethers For Retail Merchandise Control

Retractable display tethers work by adhering to merchandise and securing the product to their retail display. These low-profile security tethers ensure retailers, like Home Depot, that their merchandise is both presentable and secure against in-store theft.

Retractable display tether attached to a video game controller
Mechanical retractable display tether

Protecting Your Merchandise with Anti-Theft Recoilers

Anti-theft recoilers, pull boxes, and retractable security tethers come in many shapes, forms, cable thicknesses, and lengths. The variety in shapes and sizes make them the perfect option for securing differently shaped merchandise.

Offering Varying Security Levels for your Retail Needs

Entry-level or lower security recoiling display tethers are mechanical and work to deter theft by utilizing aircraft cable recoilers to make the tethers cut-resistant to scissors.

Electronic retractable display tether, with built-in alarm system from RTF Global
Electronic retractable display tethers

More sophisticated and higher security retractable display cables, like the Vise LCE employ electronics within the device to sound an alarm when the cable is severed, further deterring theft.

Customize Your In-Store Security With Display Recoilers from RTF Global

Choose from a variety of shapes or colors to suit your unique store needs. There is a wide range of tether end fittings, wire lengths, and shapes, so our recoilers can integrate into any retail display. Contact us for retail security solutions that are flexible, adaptable, and designed to be integrated into any display. RTF Global has the expertise and high level of support to ensure your display merchandise campaign is a success.

Collection of retractable tethers from RTF Global

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