TV Remote Security Cables

Whether at home or work, it’s common for small electronics like remote controls to go missing. In retail stores, these items have a greater tendency to be stolen or misplaced, negatively impacting your bottom line. Investing in simple security measures like remote control security cables can ensure that your stock is safe against theft.

Investing in TV Remote Control Security

Store display of tv remotes secured by cables from RTF Global

Big box retailers such as Best Buy, often have a wall of big screens as well as the TV remotes that control them.

In retail display merchandising, the tools used to help push a sale, like TV remotes, speakers, or other accessories cannot go missing. A display of TVs in a retail store without the accompanying remote control may result in lost sales and unfortunately lost revenue.

Anti-Theft Solutions for TV Remote Controls

TV remote secured to a store display with Boomerang security device from RTF Global

RTF Global supplies many cable and recoiler anti theft solutions that will keep stock of your TV remotes straight as well as in place on their display. Our security solution, Boomerang, ensures control and aesthetics and allows the customer to view the remote while keeping it secure.

Our anti-theft cables for remotes are affordable, set up in minutes and are covered by industry-leading warranties.

For your next display, contact RTF for TV remote security cables and tethers to ensure a successful in-store retail campaign.


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