Anti-theft Recoiler Tethers for Displaying Retail Merchandise

RTF is a supplier of anti theft, recoiler tethers for the retail merchandise display industry. It doesn’t matter the term you use – recoiler, retractor, pull box or tether, these retracting aircraft cable, recoilers keep products on display. Open merchandising retail strategies today require a series of security cords and cables in order to thwart shoplifting.

Recoilers provide a high level of security while not intruding on the customer experience. These security devices are durable, dependable, and come in varying lengths and thicknesses. Protect your merchandise with tethers that can be easily integrated into your merchandise display while preventing theft.

RTF has been providing our own loss prevention solutions for over 23 years. The recoilers we offer are designed in house and manufactured under our complete control. This managed process ensures the best quality at the best price.

Anti-theft recoiler tethers used to secure handbag to display

With offices in the UK and Canada, RTF Global supplies retailers around the world with anti-theft recoiler tethers. Some applications include displaying expensive handbags, powertools, electric razors, makeup samples along with various other retail display requirements.

Many key retailers around the world such as Home Depot in Canada, Best Buy in the US and Selfridges in the United Kingdom rely on RTF aircraft cable pull boxes.

Secure Your Retail Merchandise with RTF Recoilers

The recoilers and tethers we offer are designed in-house and manufactured under our complete control. This ensures that customers receive the best quality at the best price.

Recoilers and tethers made by RTF Global
  • 1.5mm or 2.5mm cable thickness available 
  • Made of aircraft cable 
  • Extremely durable 
  • 56cm, 75cm, or 94cm in pull length available  
  • Mechanical or electronic/alarming options available  
  • Adjustable cable lengths 

To create the best shopping experience for your customers as well as protect merchandise, profits and your bottom line contact RTF today.


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