Sustainable Phone Security Devices for Retail Displays

What long term, guarantees or assurances do wireless providers or store retailers receive from the top retail phone security companies today? We at RTF Global feel that the mobile phone industry is lacking a commitment to sustainable practices and customer retention by designing phones with a short life span.

Quality Phone Security Devices

At RTF, sustainability is part of our corporate responsibility and in turn our lifetime product warranty differentiates us from the rest.

As a Canadian, retail phone display security provider we are proud of our innovative past and even more, the greener future, providing quality phone security devices for mobile retailers that are designed to adapt to the newest phone models.

Mobile phone storefront with display security devices by RTF Global

How We Create Durable and Lasting Phone Security Devices

  • First, design and develop products to perform.
  • Second, believe in your core.
  • Third, share your conviction with all employees, suppliers and customers.

Security Solutions for Mobile Phone Displays

One key aspect of a low environmental impact relates to the quality of the products. RTF builds quality security products and backs our suite with the best warranty in the retail phone security business.

Vise 5 Phone Security Display Solutions

Vise5 incorporates a universal component, Connect, therefore allowing the solution to expand and strengthen based on customer requirements.

Our core… Connect

Connect is the foundation of all merchandising options, whether you display a mobile phone, a tablet, camera or smart watch. This small, circular component of the Vise5 is strong and built to withstand a lifetime on a retail display.

Guaranteed Phone Security 

RTF is the only retail phone display security company that offers a “no questions asked”, perpetual warranty on the main component of the Vise 5 security device. In the event it malfunctions, we’ll replace it for free.

When investing in a retail phone display security solution ensure the product is well designed, built to last and has a warranty to back up the company’s quality claims.

Looking to protect your retail store’s assets and prevent iPhone theft? Contact the retail security experts at RTF Global today.


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