Tablet Display Security Systems, Designed for your Store

At RTF Global, we are dedicated to security and are proud to offer specialized tablet display security systems that are specially designed to mitigate in-store theft. We achieve this by offering security solutions that can be used to protect a wide range of tablets, all while integrating seamlessly into your existing displays.

Security Devices for Tablets

RTF supplies electronics retailers merchandise asset management systems to stop shoplifting, and drive sales and profitability. Though there is the obvious benefit of protecting tablets against theft, our security display locks have several additional advantages. Not only do our tablet display security systems secure the device, but they are also designed to keep the tablet charged and allow customers to interact with the products freely, enhancing the customer experience.

Vise 5+ tablet display security system by RTF Global

Retail Tablet Display Challenges 

Recently, RTF Global alongside our local partners AS MEDIOS completed a project in a Tigo El Salvador retail store. The primary challenge in securing tablets in an electronics store is that it can be difficult to secure the tablet while maintaining the integrity and visual appeal of the in-store display. We incorporated security solutions into their existing display, creating an aesthetically pleasing and affordable solution to reduce store shrink using enterprise tablet brackets.

To secure their in-store tablets, Tigo invested in one of RTF’s simplest and most affordable enterprise tablet security systems the Vise 5+. This installation includes:   

  • 1 lockdown mount Connect,
  • 1 set of large tablet locking arms, 
  • 1 charging cable. 
Locking security arms for tablets from RTF Global

For this project, the retail store chose the Vise5 + to secure their stock, however depending on your desired level of security and store layout, there are multiple options to choose from when securing your tablet display.

Looking to learn more about retail security and prevent tablet theft? Contact RTF Global for security solutions for your retail store, bank, medical institution or school!


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