Retail Phone Security Systems Designed to Stop iPhone Theft

What is the most pressing issue plaguing wireless retailers today? Ensuring iPhones are secure in their stores from theft. How do you do that? Through retail phone security systems that not only protect your investment but enhance the buyer experience.

What are Retail Phone Security Systems?

Retail phone security systems are devices that physically lock in display mobile phones (such as iPhones) to mitigate the risk of theft. Good retail phone security systems allow customers to try out your products while ensuring that they cannot be taken from your displays.

Vise: Your Solution to iPhone Theft

In 2001, RTF Global introduced Vise: an anti-theft device specifically designed to protect smartphones using a claw mechanism. This was the first mechanical locking claw on the market and soon became an industry standard where all competition followed.

Beware of “Quick and Release” Security Systems

It should be noted however that heavy duty or high security should not include a “quick release” reference within the system’s operational manual. Being able to release an expensive mobile asset quickly is like leaving the front door open to Fort Knox.

A true HD system is innately designed to deter theft first, secondly ensure the expensive device remains intact and lastly, undamaged. HD security systems need to have limited connection points and release in a slow, methodical, timely process ensuring when a culprit hacks your security the “quick release”, operational feature you invested in is not your loss prevention nemesis.

Mobile phones secured with Vise HD, Vise 5 and Boomerang on RTF Global display

RTF has the experience and innovative natural to design smartphone merchandise solution that aren’t “me too”.

Vise HD stands alone as the most secure, iPhone theft defense on the market today! Vise HD is intended for high risk, high-cost smartphones like Apple’s iPhone and consists of a metal harness that locks from the top and side of the device. 

Looking to protect your retail store’s assets and prevent iPhone theft? Contact the retail security experts at RTF Global today.


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